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Key to Sources

            Castleton:                    Donald J. MacDonald of Castleton, Clan Donald

Clan:                            Way & Squire, Scottish Clan & Family Encyclopedia

CMS:                           Macalister, section 1

CMS(2):                       Macalister, section 2

DMM:                           D. MacDonell MacDonald, "The MacAlisters"

Feud:                           O. Thomson, The Great Feud           

Kingdom:                     R. Andrew MacDonald, The Kingdom of the Isles

Kingsburgh:                 Kingsburgh Manuscript

M(+date):                     Annals of the Four Masters

Muster Roll:                 Muster Roll of Prince Charles Edward Stuart’s Army, 1745–6

"News":                        "Clan MacAlister News"

NSA:                            New Statistical Account

Report:                        "Clan McAlester" (Preliminary Report . . . )

RPS:                            Records of the Parliaments of Scotland to 1707

SRO:                            Scottish Record Office, The ’45 and After

Stat. Acct.:                   J. Sinclair, Statistical Account of Scotland

TSA:                             H. Hamilton, Third Statistical Account

            U(+date)                       Annals of Ulster 

All other sources are referenced by author=s name or title (whichever is used in the following list). I have also referenced

personal correspondence with Captain Ian MacDonald of Kintyre, Scotland (late 2000); Vance McAlister, historian for the Clan MacAlister Society USA (July 2001); Kathan McCallister of North Richland Hills, Texas (July 2001); and Janet McCallister of

New Zealand (31 March 1997); more recently, Max Macalister in Australia, of the Strathaird family, has challenged and clarified

much of the information I have on that branch of the clan.

Finally, although I have not directly referenced our correspondence, William McAlester of Loup, the current chief of Clan

Alasdair, has been enormously helpful and willing to answer all kinds of questions about the clan and its history.